XXVIII International Scientific Symposium
“Miner’s Week-2020"

January 28 — 31 2020

The International scientific symposium "Miner’s Week" is the largest scientific and practical event of the mining industry in Russia. The Symposium brings together representatives of business, government, scientific and educational communities from all over the world more than 25 years. The “Miner's Week” discusses current problems of mining, introduces the leading research and development of Mining schools in Russia and Europe, as well as the topics of the future: Exploration in Arctic zone, Deepwater mining, Space mining technologies, Digital twins, Industry 4.0.

Miner’s week is

Symposium scientific directions

Symposium working languages: Russian and English.

Forms of participation

Participant* Visitor
1 500 (25 €) + payment of publishing services of the magazine** Free
Attending the symposium as a listener Attending the symposium as a listener
Participant's Package
Participation Certificate

* Students and Phd- students participation is free (the committee can request the supporting documents).
Participation of NUST MISIS and IPKON RAS employees, as well as officially invited speakers, is free.

** The bill for the payment of editorial and publishing services of the journal is issued after reviewing the article.


Key Dates

30.12.2019 Completion of registration Participant form
27.01.2020 Completion of registration of the Visitor form

Business program supervisors:

Business program Business program and financial operations
Valentina N. Koroleva Alexandra V. Lipina
minersweek@misis.ru minersweek@misis.ru
+74992302751 +79958819595